Saturday, October 11, 2008


That is the word that totally describes my view of Upstate NY. It seems like every corner had a farm stand, some of them were on the honor system (take what you like, leave your money in a box!), the air is clean and crisp, the produce is fresh.

We ate things like sweet corn and vegetable soup, fresh pressed cider and hot frycakes, Cortland apples, and Little GG's homemade bread with cinnamon and sugar.

We did things like run through the cornfields and roll down the grassy hill. Ian fed goats and pet horses, picked raspberries, played in the local parks, and visited Great Aunt Sue's school and did an art project with her students. We reminisced with family members, and gave lots of hugs and kisses. We fell asleep in our chairs in the living room.

And just so I don't get too saccharine for you, everyone also came down with a really really violent stomach bug... :)


LeShayne said...

While I truly adore the beaches and year round heat, yes I know this makes me abnormal, I absolutely am jealous. I do miss all that stuff you mentioned, it reminds me of "home" in MN. We picked berries, corn, apples, etc and baled hay, cut oats, and gardened every darn veggie we ate too. Simpler times in a simpler place. Thanks for sharing!

Adriana said...

I really enjoyed reading and looking at your pictures...I wish I could have more time to do more things outside like you do...Thanks for posting your stories!!
Adriana Hart