Monday, October 27, 2008

Training Day 12

Ok. I'm back.

I walked 2 miles today in 29 minutes. No running. Running makes me feel ick. I really really really hate it. My legs get completely fatigued, and I hate it. Did I mention that I hate it? This 5k run is going to be my downfall.

So I figure I will just get used to walking every day again. And then sneak some running in when my body isn't paying attention.

On another exercise note, I lost 2 pounds last week! I forgot to post it on my Wednesday post. So, yay for moving my butt around more!!

I'm off to the gym this evening to swim with Bryan. Hope all those little swimming lesson kids aren't there again. That was all sorts of fun, you know, having an audience.


Mandi said...

woot! congrats on the weight loss! Is bryan doing to tri also??? that'd be aswsome. :)

Angelle said...

How'd your swim go tonight?