Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sciencenter

Aunt Sue (on Gaga's side) and my cousin Max took us to the Sciencenter in Ithaca. The boys really loved it. And Max was so good with Ian. I think Ian just completely idolizes him.

Chasey spent quite a while in this crazy mirror. Ian joined in, too. Then he tackled him.
They had this huge outdoor play area, too, with this water/sand play area...

It's like the beach without sand up your suit!!
Ooh. Kinetic energy!!
Hands-on fun inside with the exhibits. I think the coolest thing is that Ian could actually DO something at every station. And there was lots that Chase could do, too. Behind Max and Ian in this photo is the kiddie area, where there were baby/toddler things to do.
Crazy hair!
Fun at the water can send rubber ducks down the water shute. I think Max may be whistling at Chase in this photo (did I tell you that Chase can whistle now?)

A most excellent ropes course/climbing thing outside. Chase was pulling up all over the place.
The outdoor music area. Chase has a hidden talent for the steel drums. Who knew?
Ropes again. Max was so awesome. Have I mentioned that already?

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