Monday, October 13, 2008

Latest Chase Accomplishments

Besides the tantrum throwing at bedtime, Chase is doing a few more new things this week.

He now:

1. Dances whenever he hears music.
2. Signs music, apple, cat, and dog (in addition to his other signs!)
3. Has let go of the couch and stood up by himself (Ok, it was for like 1 second, but I'm counting it.)
4. Tells me when he needs to change his diaper (by sign).
5. Is imitating everything.
6. Follows one step directions (Get Ian! Stand up! Sit down! Come here! Throw the ball! Say byebye! Say hi! Blow kisses! Knock it down! Wait!)
7. Climbs up the stairs in a heartbeat, rarely falling backwards anymore (that was a big problem...)
8. Climbs up on low furniture.
9. Seems to verbalize answers to my questions...sometimes they even sound like words, but I know that's stretching it a bit.

It seems like we go a long time without seeing anything new, and then all of a sudden there is a burst of new activity. Seeing him do new things does my mental health lots of good.

1 comment:

Chris said...

He is doing AWESOME!

The telling you when he needs his diaper changed is the thing that amazed me the most! That's the first step to potty training!