Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ianism/Ian Time and More Training Day 14

Ian's not awake yet, but I just heard him yell from his bedroom, "Whoa! A Tyranasaurus Rex!!!" What that boy's dreams must be like...

Anyway. Yesterday I did make it to the gym for a swim. I did 20, yes, count them, 20 complete laps, in 30 minutes. I did the first 500 yds freestyle 75% of the time, and finished those in 13 minutes! Woot! Then for the rest of the time I alternated freestyle and resting strokes. It was a good swim day.

I took Ian swimming after I was done, and we played around for another 1/2 hour without Chase. I kind of felt bad, leaving Chase all by his lonesome in the daycare, but I think Ian really enjoyed 'just Mommy' time. Especially because I watch Will full time now, too, he must think that the babies are always more important than he is. He just needs a lot of attention right now (Mom! Watch this! Watch me! Look at this! Look at me!) and a lot of times I have to say, "In a minute...I'm changing a diaper...I'm up to my elbows in pooh...I'm feeding a baby...I'm covered in spit-up...etc, etc." So, it was fun, just splashing around and letting him totally take the lead.


Mandi said...

That's awesome!

Did you have to rest at all?

Angelle said...

I know what you mean about individual time. I am finally getting some Leah time this week. We did lots of stuff together this morning.