Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Training Day 14 and a little more 13

Yesterday before dinner, I put the boys in the bike trailer and rode for a mile and a half. So, by my calculations, taking into account the 100 extra pounds I was pulling, and the bouncing factor (Ian thinks its funny when he jumps around enough inside the trailer to make it move), I did around 175 miles. In 25 minutes.

I also stopped to talk to my next next door neighbors about the tri. So that was mental training. 10 minutes. Check.

Today I didn't get on the treadmill, opting for a shower instead. And a second cup of coffee, assuring myself that I will make it to the gym this afternoon to swim again.

No more cupcakes today. Yet.

1 comment:

Angelle said...

Ooooh, if I count mental training, I am training most of the time. SWEET!