Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I haven't talked very much about Ian lately. He's still cute, don't worry.

He's has a new and improved relationship with his Blue Dog, insisting on taking him everywhere again (he has kind of strayed away from it, even one time telling me that Blue Dog wasn't his favorite anymore!!). But the funniest thing is that he calls him his "Littlest Brother" now.

Everything is about what is Littlest Brother is doing. He's eating a biscuit. He's learning how to walk. He's standing at the couch. He's making faces in the mirror. He's opening doors. He's watching our art project. He's brushing his teeth. He's taking a pretend dry shower.

It's pretty hilarious. Except that sometimes I wish he was that attentive and gentle with Chase. I mean, he pays attention to him. But he also knocks him down and steps on his hands. It's a fine line between loving and hating. I guess that's just what having a sibling is about. (Love you, Scott! Sorry about that time that I pulled your hair out of your head and called you a four letter word. I really like you now!)

Ian also had his first field trip with his preschool on Monday. They went to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. I couldn't go with him, because Chase had 2 therapies and we had just missed a week from vacation. I was really bummed that I wasn't one of the involved moms who went with the kids. I kind of felt like a big loser, like I didn't care about where Eenie was going, or that I had better things to do. He had a good time. He came back with a little pumpkin which he very quickly painted entirely blue with an orange face (Daddy's favorite Bronco colors). I know that he didn't expect me to come, but it just feels like one more thing that I am failing at; paying as much attention to Ian as I do Chase. Blah blah blah, whine whine whine.

Anyway. Speaking of which, I should get off the computer and make cookies with Ian while Chase is napping. And put a lovely dinner on the table. Off I go.


Angelle said...

I like your new signature. It spiffs up your posts.

mom said...

Maybe Ian is imitating you and Chase? That is a huge compliment! He is learning to be a parent!

Kacey Bode said...

Love the new look!! I often feel like I am neglecting poor Hunter because I'm off at Ella's therapies, or appts. I think it is hilarious that Ian is so sweet to his littelist brother. Hunter and Ella beat on eachother, I guess that shows they love eachother : )

Angelle said...

Oh wait, your signature is not on your blog, it shows up on my Google reader. I just realized that because I always get your posts there.

pat said...

Angelle, I was going crazy trying to find the spiffy signature. Thank you for clearing that up!