Friday, October 17, 2008

Training Day 3 and Swimming with the Boys

I was feeling a little burnt out this morning, so I bypassed the treadmill and instead did 21 minutes of Wii Fit Yoga and Strength Training. I am loving the Wii Fit, just FYI. It's hard to get time to myself to do it, but since Will is not here this week, I can use Chase's naptime when Ian is at school. AND I had time to shower afterward! Heaven!

After picking up the kids from preschool, we came home and had lunch, then went right back out to the gym for swimming. Angelle and her girls came with us. AND...I did 500yds in 15 minutes today!! Woot!

I did 1/2 freestyle and 1/2 breast stroke/side stroke. For the first 5 laps I did 1 lap freestyle, 1 lap other and didn't break in between laps. For the last five I think I took a break a few times, but they were short, and I did 1/2 lap freestyle, 1/2 lap other.

So, I see improvement already, and it's only the second day of swimming. I feel good about that. I also feel good that I can do the swimming part in 15 minutes and not feel bad about having to run for like a hundred years to finish the 5k.

After I swam, I got the boys from the daycare area (which was a little difficult, as I was still dripping wet in my swimsuit with a towel wrapped around me) and got them in their swimsuits and in the pool. Normally it wouldn't be too difficult, but they are renovating the locker rooms and there is no floor area that is dry and no benches to sit on except for the ones in the shower stalls. So, that took some creative manipulation to get both children changed. We swam together for 1/2 hour or so, and both of them had a blast. Ian told me, "When it's not swimming lessons, it's just a pool and I can jump in!" Chase splashed until he was cold and tired, smiling the whole time. Even when Ian sent a wave of water into his face.

Getting the boys out of the water was even more complicated. I'm going to add those minutes (20) to my workout time today. Seriously, getting two shivering, wet boys out of their sticky swimsuits and into dry clothes in a wet locker room with no place to sit (and drying and dressing myself as well!) is completely exhausting. Maybe I will create a "Motherhood Traithlon". The first event will be getting two children into the water and out of it.


Mandi said...

Have you used yet? With it you can track your physical activity, and if it's got 19th Century Folk dancing and applying makeup, then i bet it has something to do with mothering!

Angelle said...

What could be some other events? Wrestling a baby with a poopy diaper who is DETERMINED to stick their hands in the poop? I competed in that event today.