Thursday, October 16, 2008

Training Day 2


I don't know why I thought I'd be able to just hop back into exercising again and not feel like a total wreck. Today I attempted another 5k and ended up doing 2 miles in 25 minutes, 41 seconds. So that's a little less than a 13 minute mile. At this point, I will finishing the 5k run portion in, um, never.

And honestly, I'm not out to set any records. I just want to complete it. And gasping for air at the 2 mile mark at little more than the average speed of a quick walk is a little disappointing. I know it's only Day 2. I just expected a little more of myself.

On a positive note, I'm only minimally sore from yesterday's running/swimming. And I clocked the distance around my neighborhood, down the street, and in and out of the other little neighborhoods at 4.2 miles. So I can do 5 of those and be at 20 miles. I'm excited to try that...and see if I suck as much at riding as I do at running...

Oh, well. Onwards and upwards. At least I did something today :) Yay, me!


Mandi said...

YAY!! I know how you feel: 10 minutes to bike 2 miles on the lowest resistance? boo. But i get back on it and do 2 more tomorrow! Just be excited that you have an INDOOR pool. I get to swim outside. :P

Mom said...

I am inspired! I will dust off the stationary bike today!

P.S. My lab work came back: All my cardiac fats are "Good"! Of course, that is while I am on the zocor. Better living through chemistry!