Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paying it Forward...

When we were stuck in Ukraine for an extra long time, a fellow adoptive momma and blogger helped us raise a bunch of extra money to help with the added expense.  Now she's doing it again for another family.

Would you please, please consider donating just $10 to the Greeson family in their quest to adopt Mila from Russia?  They are facing an appeal and extra expenses...and they don't need to be worrying about covering the cost while they face that stress.

Visit Tesney's blog, Minivans and Mom Jeans, to help.  They have a raffle going to win a really awesome hummingbird necklace by Funky Fish Designs (truthfully, I don't want to tell you that part because it decreases my chances of winning, but that is how dedicated I am to helping this family as they face the same circumstances that we did in Ukraine!)

(365:56) playdough Saturday

Saturday, February 11, 2012

(365:42) Birthday cupcakes

Zeke was not happy about getting fronting on his hands...!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ian is 7 and Chase "reads"!

Oh, my WORD.

Two great things today:
1- Ian turned 7.  Holy smokes.  I have a seven year old.

...and he is amazing.  What an incredible boy he is- kind, patient, loving, smart, headed at times, a champion procrastinator, and the best big brother to his "littles".

So, yeah.  He had a great day.  It started with 7 balloons on his ceiling when he woke up, then a Toaster Strudel (did you know they have a Boston Cream flavor now??!) and hot chocolate breakfast, a new BeyBlade, a half day at school (where he forgot to pass our the $20 of cupcakes that I sent in with him) and finally, Bryan picked him up and took him out to see Star Wars 3D- complete with the biggest tub of popcorn, a hot dog, his very own soda, and 3 boxes of candy.

I have one happy seven-year-old tonight.

2.  While the big boys were out, the triplets and I stayed home.  The evening was pretty normal, until we sat upstairs in Chase and Zeke's room for bedtime stories.  Then two things happened:
         a.) all of them sat still and listened to the books.
         b.) Chase "read" a book to us!

I know, I know, I know.  He wasn't really reading it.  But he was showing HUGE pre-reading behaviors.  He tracked print, he followed left to right, he said the memorized words, and he reacted to the story.  Total awesomeness.

This was the book (which really is quite hilarious):

I caught him on video because he kept reading it over and over again.  The video is a little long, and it wasn't his best run-through...but he and Gavin and Zeke are so freaking adorable that it is worth 4 minutes and 30 seconds of your life.

This moment is so important for me, because with Chase- he is just so stubborn and hard headed that I sometimes wonder if anything that we do really sinks in.  Yeah, we read a lot to him, and we speak in full sentences with him, and we encourage imaginative play, and try to enforce positive behavior with him...but just by nature, it takes a LOT of repetition to see results.  I sometimes wonder if I'm doing the right things, or doing as much as I need to do.

This is a confirmation of the path that we are on.  I'm so proud of him...and me, too.  And his teachers.  We're all pretty awesome.

(365:41) happy 7th birthday Ian!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

(365:32) 5am storytime

Llama Llama books are their favorites.
Even at way too early in the morning.