Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nutritionist Info

The nutritionist visit was, eh. She had some good ideas. And some advice that kind of left me wondering what kind of mother she thought I was...

Good Ideas:
*Lay off the milk until his intestines heal, because they are damaged and cannot digest lactose right now even if he isn't "officially" lactose intolerant.
*Feed him many small meals throughout the day so that the excess acid doesn't build up.
*Order freeze dried fruits and veggies from this site:
*Give him a dose of liquid toddler vitamin daily (try Schiff's)
*The acid reflux not only makes him hurt, it also makes him nauseous, so go figure he doesn't want to eat anything savory.
*Lots of yogurt. More points if we get the ones with probiotics in them.

Weird Things She Said:
*When asked if I should be avoiding any foods, the first thing she said was to not give him caffeine. So, I guess the Starbucks every morning is a big no.
*The second food she told me to avoid was "anything spicey, for example, don't give him jalepenos." Damn! That was the only veggie he was eating!!
*Tell him that if he eats foods that he doesn't like very much first, then he can have more foods that he does like. Seriously. The whole "you can have a cookie if you finish your dinner" hardly works on Ian. I don't think she understands the point that we are at with Chase is if he doesn't want it, he throws it on the floor. There is no reasoning as of yet. Or on any close horizon.
*Have you tried pureeing his foods? Mashing them? Mashed potatoes? Baby foods? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. We have tried everything. That's why we called you.

So, yeah. Some newer things to try and think about. I'm just crossing my fingers that the Prevacid is going to be the answer. How nice would that be?


Chris said...

First off--that photo of Ian kissing Chase in your header is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

Secondly--sorry your visit with nutritionist wasn't more productive. No caffeine huh? What do kids eat with caffeine? Are you giving him Coke or Pepsi? :) Maybe she was thinking chocolate?!? Weird.

I am going to check out the freeze dried veggies though as we've had some eating issues here as well, and if you could see my floor right now, you would see what I mean. John is also of the "throw it on the floor if you aren't going to eat it" school of thought.

Hoping the prevacid works for Chase. It has been a lifesaver for John.

mom said...

Is saurkraut still ok?

carydip said...

You're side thoughts are HYSTERICAL-made me laugh out loud! Or is that LOL-or is it lots of love? Anyway, hang in there-wish he was on the Nexium-how soon is the next GI appointment? But he is doing better isn't he? He sure looks happy. Love~Mom