Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Rules

Ian is driving me nuts. And it makes me scared.

We just sat for close to an hour doing a patterning activity. I'm trying to really make time every day to do "educational" things with him. But he is sooo not into it. He's just not like me. I like solving puzzles, doing things right. Following rules. Doing things one way because that's just how you do it.

He would rather play games, putting the obviously wrong choice in the empty box, just because it's funny. He'd rather put the pattern pieces on top of the guide instead of in the empty boxes beneath the guide. But that's just not how you DO it! ACK!

I like to think of myself as relatively balanced. I'm kind of artsy. I like to sew without a pattern. I like to paint without numbers. I like to create pottery from nothing. I like to write without paying attention to grammar. But I also like to play games by the rules. And I like to cook using a recipe. I did all my homework in school because someone told me to. I like to get things accomplished in a minimal amount of time.

But damn! he's driving me to absolute lunacy with his 'make your own rules' antics. I hate being frustrated with him. And I want to nurture his sense of humor, his free-spirited-ness. But what's a rule-follower to do...?! Deep breath.

It also makes me afraid of what I'm going to do when Chase doesn't get things right off the bat. I mean, when I was in the classroom, I didn't really have a problem with my more 'difficult' kids...in fact, I think I loved working with them more. But then why do I have such an issue with Ian and his weirdness? Is it just because he's my kid? If that's it, then Chasey is doomed.


LeShayne said...

As a rule follower myself I feel for you. Tristan is that same way, and Tori was so good about sitting and following directions. On a brighter note - despite that he is like that with me, Tristan is flourishing in school and following directions just fine. So don't be too hard on yourself. Some kids do better with an outsider giving directions at stuff like that than at mom and dad!

Chris said...

Maybe find a different educational activity. One which has rules Ian likes.

He is a preschool boy after all.

Keep those deep breaths coming, and if they don't work, have a glass of wine.

I don't think Chase has anything to worry about. If anything, he and I will remind you that rules are sometimes made to broken, and that often the most incredible things occur as the result of broken rules.

Mom said...

Loosen up and go for the ride! Draw outside the lines! The world needs more creative thinkers. They become scientists, problem solvers, inventors,innovators. Go, Ian!

Tiffanyrose said...

It is like we always said, Andy and Ian are two birds of a feather. Once Andy was in a non-home environment, she dramatically changed into a rule follower. Now at home, that is another story as you know. And knowing Ian he is probably getting a kick out you and your rules right now! You are so good with both of them, I see patience just oozing out of you and it makles me want to try harder.