Saturday, October 11, 2008

NY: Relatives Loving on the Boys

**This first photo is not listening and won't go in the line-up where I'm telling it to. Anyway. It won't move. So, this is Great Great Uncle Bob...on the floor playing with Chase!!**
Of course, there were a thousand people up there that needed to see the kids. The boys were totally good sports and were cute and charming every minute of every day (give or take!). My apologies to Little GG, Great Great Aunt Babs, and Dahni who seemed to escape my amazing photography skills. I will get you next time. Beware.
Cousin Mikey and Chaser. Chase kept trying to grab onto his beard. He's not used to facial hair...
Ian is in the background, taking the corn off the cob that he picked in the field behind the house kernel by kernel. Jessica is doing an awesome job holding the bag of corn in the background.
Chase, the limelight stealer.
We visited my cousin Max (and my Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe) in Ithaca, and they took us to a really cool kids' hands-on museum. This thing blew air out and you had to balance a beach ball in the wind. Or you could aim it at each other and make funny hair-dos.

Aunt Susan brought a new book to share! And she's a music teacher, so of course, she found one that she could sing to.
Big GG and Chaser. This was before he got hit with the nasty nasty stomach bug that hit everybody except the boys and I one by one. FUN times :)
Chasey can climb onto furniture here! Gaga makes sure he doesn't fall backwards out of the rocking chair that used to be Aunt Susan's!
Jessica and Ian share a moment. I think they were discussing corn issues.
Chase shows cousin Jonathan how to play with the gumball machine. (Jon's girlfriend Katelyn looks on.)

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