Friday, October 24, 2008

MAFC Halloween Party

Ian and Leah (Both with goofy faces. I call this Ian's Duck Face.)Every year the aquatics center hosts a Spooktacular...this year's was tonight. The boys both let me spray their hair blue. I had to tell Ian that people would give him more candy if they thought his costume was really really good. Chase just sat there and belly laughed the whole time. They made awesome Things One and Two. (The prizefighter costumes are still in the works...they should be ready by next week...I hope!!)

The party was lots of fun- they always do a good job. Lots of kid-friendly games and snacks, which always makes for a good time.

Chase won a harmonica. Apparently it tasted good.

Ian rocked the throwing games.

One of the workers totally helped Ian cheat on the eat-the-donut-on-a-string game.

Chase was in good spirits :)

Well, at least both boys are kind of smiling, if not looking at the camera. Daddy must be FUN-NY!


gaga said...

Soooooo CUTE!

Chris said...

They are too cute!!! What great and creative costumes!

First the tart and now homemade Halloween costumes; you're making me feel like a lame mom :)

Have a great weekend!

The Schou Family Blog said...

Love the photos of your thing 1 and thing 2. Chase and Ian are adorable.

Momma M said...

GREAT costumes. Totally going to steal that idea! :-)

Preppy Pugs said...

Thing 1 & Thing 2... too cute! Love the blue hair!