Monday, October 20, 2008

Apologies and Weekend Update

It was a terrible blogging weekend- we were really busy.

On Saturday I made a gigantic omelet breakfast for everyone here and the Gallers family. We then went out to buy some things so I could get started on the boys' prizefighter costumes, and on our way to Walmart we saw that there was a Bikers' Ball (tradeshow of sorts) outside the local biker bar. Bryan needs cold-weather riding gear, so we ended up spending some time with some interesting people.

It was worth it, though. Bryan walker away with a new jacket, chaps, gloves, and saddle bags. He looked quite the part as he left for work this morning in the freezing temperatures!

I spent some time on Ian's costume, then we were off to Aw Shucks! corn maze with the Gallers. It was way fun. Ian and Leah are all about the maze now...more to come on that later. Chase rode in the backpack and grabbed corn as we passed it by.

We finished with dinner at Big Bob Gibson's BBQ (YUM!) and continued the party at our house, Leah slept over with Ian, and Mike and Angelle came over for games. I just lost Scattergories to Bryan (seriously, I can't win anything against him!).

Sunday brought church and a Panthers' game, courtesy of some awesome free tickets that my dad scored at work. Bryan and I left the boys with the Gallers (THANKS AGAIN!) and we enjoyed the afternoon watching the Panthers beat the tar out of the Saints (sorry, New Orleans...) with my dad. We ate hot dogs and drank real Coke. I know. We are animals!

Pizza with the Gallers for dinner, then off to bed for everyone.

So, yeah. We were busy. Back to Monday again. *sigh*

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Angelle said...

We had fun hanging with you guys this weekend. Glad to slow down on the trips and do some stuff around home.