Monday, March 2, 2009

The White Out of 2009

Seriously.  I've lived in upstate NY and have seen lake effect storms.  I understand those snow days.  But we just got maybe 2 inches and they called off the whole day of school.  And I'll concede that the ice was pretty bad due to the 2 straight days of rain we just had.  Still.  The whole day off?

Anyway.  We made the best of it :)  Bryan had to go to work, but I promised Ian that I would take him outside.  

Note to self:  playing outside in the snow is much more fun when you have actual snow gear.  Poor Ian's hands and feet were freezing when we came back inside- I only had those itty bitty stretchy gloves and rainboots for him.  Bad mom!!  It wasn't like I was all bundled up, though, either.  Rainboots  and my mom's gloves that are at least 20 years old didn't help all that much.

So my new mission for next snow season is to hit the thrift stores when I get to NY this fall and stock up on snow gear for everyone.  I don't care if we look like The Christmas Story...we will be warm!


Megan said...

We did the rain boots thing as well. I'm so cheap; I can't justify winter boots for, seriously one storm a winter that equates to 10 minutes outside. LOL!

CJ Field said...

I will send you our snow gear if you take all our snow and cold with it!