Monday, March 30, 2009

Chase Update

Breakthrough weekend!!!

2 quick things:

1.  Chase wanted to walk everywhere we went.  From the parking lot into church, down the hallways, around Bojangles (touching everyone's knees as he went), down the aisles at Sam's.  He is finally treating walking as a way to get to places, not just a novelty act.

2.  Bryan gave him a fork at dinner last night- well, actually, I think Chase wanted the fork- and he used it to stab pieces of strawberry and scrambled eggs, and most of the time was successful, even getting the bites to his mouth!  On his own!!  No hand over hand or anything!!  AND when he was done, instead of chucking the fork to the floor or at someone's head, he laid it down on the table!  Oh miracles of miracles.

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