Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Name My Baby

I put up a new poll on the sidebar.  Here is my disclaimer:

I want your input, but I won't necessarily use it :)  So, thoughts on names for this little guy? These are the top three:

Ty Elijah
Gavin Elijah
Jack Elijah

Elijah is a definite middle name, so you can't sway my opinion on that (unless you have REALLY REALLY good cause).  

Ty is a front runner for Ian and Bryan.  They have already started calling my belly Ty.  And someone has even addressed a postcard to him and signed a Valentine's Day card with it.  I like it, I really do.  It was high on our list when we were naming Ian.  But here is the problem:

Our friends (Hi Rhi!) have a Ty.  He is 3 (and adorable-- so no issues not naming him Ty because we know someone who is a little twerp).  Technically, they stole the name from us (why can't you lick a name like you can a Volkswagon or a soda to claim it?!?).  That's fine, though.  They also live several states away from us, so it's not like they will grow up together or go to school together or have the same friends or anything.

So, my question is:  will we be committing some horrid social faux pas by naming him Ty?  What are the rules governing this situation?  And maybe Ty is just not a good name anyway and the others are better...?  

Oh, the pressure...the pressure of finding a name... (movie quote, anyone?)


Nikki said...

Jason and I have had a boy's name picked for like ten years. My step-sister is pregnant with a boy and even if her kid ends up with the same name, I'm pretty sure we would use it anyway. Ty is an adorable name too.

That said, I've always loved the name Jack. :)

Cate said...

Oh, I don't think that matters at all. But I'm from the kind of family where I have six cousins named Michael and no one cares.

I voted for Jack, cause that's my favorite of the three. I like Ty and Gavin both too. One thing about Ty, it's kinda short and that might read as nickname-y. He might be in for a life of people asking if it's really Tyler. (I say this as someone whose parents chose an alterna-spelling and I've been correcting people ever since.)

Elijah is also an excellent name. I also like Eli.

The Schou Family Blog said...

All the names are good ones. I like them all....I know that that doesn't help. I don't think it is a social faux pas at all. Just my opinion.

By the way...the movie quote come from Pretty Woman - the character who said it was Kit Deluca and the scene is outside at a patio table at the Reg Bev Hil...ROFLMAO..
Do I get a prize now???? :0)
If you have seen my facebook status it says it all...seen way to many movies.

Laurie said...

Thanks, ladies!!

And Misti- you win the admiration of tens for knowing the Pretty Woman quote :)

LeShayne said...

I think if it were me I would ask them how they feel about it...

Though I have to say I am a total sucker for the name Gavin which is why I voted for it. I just love it. And Ian, Chase and Gavin sound really cute together. (a little bit like a boy band but still cute!)

Mandi said...

I voted Jack. I think Jack/Jackson is the cutest name ever. However, paired with Elijah, I think Gavin Elijah sounds best. :) Then, if a son is in my future, i can name him Jack without going through your Ty perdiciment. :)