Friday, March 20, 2009


I was sitting here writing that last post and noticing that No-Name Baby #3 is doing some sort of interpretive dance in my uterus.  

I can actually see him kicking now, which, even though this is the third time around, still is the most bizarre, alien feeling/sight in the world.  

Wonderful and miraculous, too- and I love it- but mostly strange.

Especially now, because for 3 weeks now, this baby could technically live outside of me (in a very tiny NICU way, but still) but is actually in there...seriously weird.  


Angelle said...

That'd be wild to see (from Night at the Roxbury). :)

Carydip said...

Speaking of No-Name Baby #3, what are the choices so far? And what is the theme & colors for his room-Broncos again? Have to get started on his blanket. Have a great relaxing weekend. Love~Mom

Laurie said...

Hey Carolyn,
The choices are on the right side of the page...(Ian and I are pushing for Gavin!)

The colors for the room are khaki, navy, chocolate brown, and light blue. Kind of broco-ey, but we are running out of Bronco memorabilia to put in the kids' rooms!