Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skipping a Season

Last weekend it was freezing rain and snow.   Today it was almost 80 degrees out.

We were outside so much, we're all sunburned.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I had to dig through boxes in order to find shorts and t-shirts for the boys!  We ate lunch outside, had some bike riding time, some swinging and sliding time, some walking barefoot in the grass time, some popsicle eating time, and some rocket shooting time.  

Everyone had to wear sunglasses and hats.

We even wore sandals!!

It's like summer arrived and we didn't even get a spring.  This week is supposed to be all 70s, so maybe we'll get a little spring-ish weather.  Even though I enjoyed today's break from the cold, I will admit that I will be disappointed if we just jump right into 80s and 90s...

Photos to come...right now I'm going to do more baby room painting before I crash for the evening.

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