Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Chairy Dilemma

Chase, like his brother, loves to climb.  Which is great, really.  I know I spent a lot of time wishing that he would climb...or crawl...or walk...many many things.  I love that he's strong and inquisitive.'s just that it's becoming kind of a pain in the butt.  I can't keep anything on any surface that can be accessed by a kitchen chair.  So, my solution right now is to push the kitchen table up against the wall, pinning two chairs against it, and stacking the other two on top.  And for every other chair that we have, I've had to start turning them on their sides.  Lord help me when he figures out a way to turn them right-side up!

So, my kitchen kind of looks like a hurricane just blew through, and that's even when the dishes are done!  

Short of getting rid of all places to sit, does anyone have any better ideas?  This is driving me a little bit nuts.

**And yes, I have told him NO.  Forcefully.  Many times.  And I've moved him away from the kitchen.  Several times.  And I've drawn his attention to something else.  He's either really stubborn or just doesn't understand the concept of no climbing.  Or no clearing off every surface that has stuff on it.  Or that sitting on the edge of a kitchen table is dangerous.**


Chris said...

Ok, seeing these photos is making me feel a little less sad that John isn't climbing yet :) Once, he starts walking maybe he'll let up the climbing a little. In the meantime, get used to living in a hurricane zone.

Jen said...

Use a baby gate to keep him out of the kitchen?

LeShayne said...

Sorry no ideas here - I did what Jen suggested but your house is not laid out that way so I got nothing!

Carydip said...

Just an idea-and you've tried it all. What about putting stuff ON the chairs-pillows, books, boxes to block him from getting up easily and keep reinforcing no. His shamrock pictures are adorable-can't wait to see them both and #3! Love~Mom

Laurie said...

Thanks for the ideas, guys. I've started just turning the chairs on their sides because that's easier than lifting them on the table all the time.

Jen, our floor plan is open, so it's too big an area to gate :( Maybe barbed wire across the kitchen, though...?

Carolyn, he'd just swipe all that stuff off the chairs and climb up afterwards. He really hates things to be on flat surfaces.