Friday, March 13, 2009

GI Again

I took Chase in for another follow up with the GI yesterday...just to monitor his acid reflux meds, his uktimate poops, and so on.

I kind of went in with the expectation that we'd have to switch him back to the Previcid since the every other day omeprozole wasn't working as well, but after going into lots of detail about his entire digestive tract, the dr decided that we should just stop the antacids and see if we really see a difference with him off as compared to him on them...because, why medicate if it doesn't really help anything?  He said the spitting up (which is definitely not as bad as it was before, but still happens every couple days) could just be attributed to low tone, and something that he'll just have to grow out of.  As long as he is healthy, happy, gaining weight, and playing...then he's alright in his book.

He also suggested lowering the amount of Immodium that we give him (he's on 3 tsp a day to slow him down...seriously.  Runny McRunnypoo here.)  because he thinks that, well, judging on consistency, maybe it's slowing him down too much.

So the answer is...unmedicate.  Which, ok.  I'm kind of torn about.  Yay- less things to worry about every day...Boo- are we taking a step backwards?  Now is it going to get worse and we're going to have to go through all the steps again?  I guess we'll see.

Good news, he is up 2lbs from the last visit (um, 3 ish months ago, I think...?).  I thought he was getting harder to carry up the stairs.  

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Anonymous said...

Which Gi do you use? We have one that I'm not really sold on but there seems to be a shortage of Pediatric Gastroenterologist in Charlotte.