Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Day

So, I've been avoiding the pain in my calf for almost 3 days now, and finally called my OB who told me to go immediately to the imaging center this morning for a sono...

Don't worry.  It ended up being a superficial clot, which I guess is a lot less dangerous than the deep vein thrombosis that I had 11 years ago.  So I have orders to elevate with heat (darn, I guess I'll have to sit in the LazyBoy for a while today...) and wear some cool new compression stockings.  Fab.

I mean, seriously, they can't find any clotting disorder in me, but even while I'm already injecting myself DAILY with a blood thinner, it happens!?!  Maybe someday they will find out what is, and then name it after me.

Oh, and a good thing:  the imaging center at the hospital now has an awesome new coffee machine that brews lattes and cappucinos by the cup, and it's complimentary for patients!  I helped myself to a vanilla latte for my trouble this morning.

In other news, I got the boys'  proofs back today from the black and white photography they did at school, and they are super adorable.  Another bonus to putting the kids in preschool.

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Mandi said...

are you going to post the pics??

Glad to hear your clot isn't too serious. Love ya!