Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Updates

I haven't been a very diligent blogger lately.  I don't really know why.  Nothing is really keeping me away.  I've just been sort of eh lately.

But life goes on in our household:

Ian has been very much into creating art projects.  He doesn't want direction.  He doesn't want little step by step instructions.  He wants to make it up as he goes along.  So far, he has 
1.  colored stripes on computer paper, cut them out, and used massive amounts of tape to adhere them to the kitchen table.  
2.  stuck a million stickers, overlapping over and over again, to a giant Sam's Club empty tub of cheesey poofs.
3.  painted empty advil and tylenol bottles with tempera paint.  
4.  drawn pictures of monsters in the shower to 'scare' whoever goes in there next.
I love this, because it's an interest that hasn't really surfaced before.  He was never into art or music really...or even sitting in one place for any length of time.  Which reminds me, he's even started to show an interest in learning letters and sounds.  He's always loved books, but never paid much attention to the alphabet or letter sounds or whatnot.  But the last couple weeks he has sat with me and we've done some pre-k workbook pages and he is really picking up the phonics ideas quickly.  Yay! :)

Chase is now taking 12-ish steps on his own!  He stands unassisted for longer periods of time, and thinks he's really awesome for doing so (I think he is, too!).  Still, all this gross motor stuff is on his own agenda, so it's often very hard to convince him that he wants to practice walking.  This week, though, he has actually started to take steps on his own...I looked up one time, and watched him pick up a toy, get to his feet, and walk about 6 steps- all on his own volition!  

Chase is talking a little more, now, too.  Well, I say talking, but it's really not words just yet, but distinct vocalizations that he uses in conjunction with his signs (mostly for milk, more, and bye).  Also, there is lots of "dada" "Hi"...but still no Mama.  He'll sign Mama...but refuses to say it.  Is this how he repays me for 2 years of meeting his every want and need?!?!  

Baby #3 (still haven't agreed on a name, but Ian has his favorites...) is apparently doing well as far as anyone can see...:)  He is measuring right on target, his heartbeat was at 143 on Tuesday when I went in for my appointment, and he likes sweets.  I've started painting his room, and it's coming along pretty to figure out exactly what we are going to do about the crib situation.  I kind of feel like Chase would be content to stay in his crib for another year, but he'll be ok switching to a twin bed (low to the ground, siderails up!) if we give him a chance.  Eh, we'll see when it gets closer.

That's kind of it, as far as the boys are concerned.  Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking going on, but I felt like I've been neglecting to post just everyday sort of things...


Chris said...

GO CHASE!!!! He's walking!

And don't you love the preschool artistic creations--so cute to see their creativity blossom.

I've hit you with a prize dart--check out my blog for details.

Mandi said...

I like these updates. :) miss you!! glad to hear maddex #3 is doing well. :)

my wv: "flesiot" - like a fleshy idiot?