Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

This will not be as funny as Amy Pohler...

Anyway.  We had a busy weekend.  Good busy.  But for those of you who are interested, this is what we did:

*Saturday morning:  I went to a big consignment sale and didn't buy anything.  But I vowed to go back at 12:30 for the 1/2 price sale, crossing my fingers that the totally adorable kids table and chairs was still there when I came back.

*Saturday later morning, we took Gaga and Papa out to breakfast at a little teeny breakfast place for Gaga's birthday.  Chase was tired, but for Gaga's birthday present, we let her entertain him the whole time.

*Saturday afternoon, Papa watched the boys as Bryan slept off more painkillers.  My mom and I went thrift store shopping (maternity cords for 2 bucks!!) and then hit the consignment sale again...and my cute table was still there!!  I'll have to take a photo tomorrow, but I got it!!!  So excited!!  (it really is all about the thrill of the hunt!)

*Saturday evening, we had a fun game night with some new couples that we met through church.  Best idea ever:  hiring a babysitter to play with the kids upstairs while the grownups had dinner and played games.

*Sunday morning, church.  Great message, starting a new series about the Essential James.

*Sunday afternoon, lunch at Bojangles (who, by the way, has some awesome breakfast biscuits.  I have been having crazy cravings for egg and cheese sandwiches!) and then a quick trip to Sam's to get wipes...I got desperate and bought some store brand crappy ones last week because I ran out, and I've been regretting it ever since.  Tip:  Harris Teeter baby wipes do NOT get the job done.  Suck it up and spend the money for Huggies.

*Sunday evening, DSAC fundraiser with the Charlotte for all you not in the know.  My parents met us there and we got to go on a Behind the Scenes tour before the game.  It was kind of cool, to see the locker rooms and the sports medicine area and things.  Although I felt a little like a stalker, because all the team's street clothes were hanging up, and the dirty laundry bins were out.  Do any of you remember that commercial- I can't remember what it was for, but the guy would hide in the dirty laundry buckets in the locker room to get team merchandise or something?  That's all I could think about.  I could probably convince Ian to hide in there to get something good...

Now Bryan and I are winding down in front of CSI, trying to figure out why the weekends go by so quickly...

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