Monday, March 16, 2009

Leprechaun Trap...The Making Of.

Ian is all excited about the pot of gold we are going to get once we catch our leprechaun tomorrow and he has to tell us where he hid it.  

I made the top of the trap, while Ian painstakingly colored an entire paper plate with green marker (his idea) for the bottom.
The finished product!  You see, the leprechaun will see the trap, and be intrigued by the green color and the shamrock stickers.  Upon further investigation, he will see the sign at the top for Free Leprechaun Treats, and he will climb up the ladder (made with straws and toothpicks!) and step onto the top to get the green M&Ms.  Unfortunately for the little guy, the top is made of a flimsy piece of construction paper, and he will fall right in with no way to escape!!  
I really liked this goofy picture, until I realized that the inside of Ian's right nostril is green.  Wonder how that happened, Crusty McBoogerpicker?

1 comment:

Cate said...

okay, you win. you're the best mom.

but what are you going to do about the leprechaun? you're not going to make Chase be the guy, are you?