Friday, February 27, 2009


They've never been a huge hit at our house, but since this crazy coupon shopping we've been doing, we ended up with a few boxes.  And Chase has taken a liking to them!

He just ate a 1/2 box of them.  Seriously.  I'm really not exaggerating.  He kept asking for more..which consists of him making a little fist in the air and making this funny muffled "ooooooh" sound.

So not only is he eating large quatities of somewhat healthy food, he is also signing for it, and asking for it verbally!  Wait til I tell the ST!


Mandi said...

You have been awarded the Primios Dardo Award!!
go to my page for details :)

carydip said...

Fantastic!! I can't believe he's learned signing so good and uses it as his language. Here's my question and this is NOT me being negative in the least. Does the signing keep him from learning to talk??
Oh, about the walking-Brett walked at like 9 months and then Trent came along and didn't walk till he was about 1 1/2!! They walk in their own time-unfortunately-but he's definitely on his way!! Love~Grama

Laurie said...

Well, we taught Ian to sign and he never had a delay in talking. No, when you teach sign, you also vocalize the word. Sign bridges the gap between the time that he is unable to verbalize words and the time that he can. If anything, studies have shown that teaching your child sign actually increases his vocabulary because he has more experience with language at an earlier age.