Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hilton Head in Photos

Belated photos of our annual Hilton Head trip...

We had a good time and not only were able to hang out with Great Grandma Maddex, but this year Grandpa Doug and Grandma Mary and Uncle Todd, Aunt LeShayne, and cousins Tori and Tristan met us there.

I know there are a million photos here, but I liked a lot of them :)  For some reason, my computer has decided that I will not be allowed to move the photos, so they are in a really weird random order.

On our last night we went to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant.  Even Chase liked it!  We have photos of us eating because Bryan had a stomach bug and couldn't eat anything...so he took pictures instead!  What a guy :)

I like this one of the kids eating with chopsticks.  They were so serious.  And yes, those are shrimp on Ian's plate.  He ate every single bite except for a few zucchinis that I stole from him!

Ian looks out over the surf.  It was SO COLD out there...the wind was whipping around, the sand was freezing, the water was frigid.  But that didn't matter to my boy!  I love the curls coming out of his hat and his droopy pants here.  So cute :)
It wasn't even too cold to dig holes on the beach, although Ian told Aunt LeShayne that the hole they dug wasn't as big as the one that his daddy could dig, but that his daddy was sick and couldn't come out...:(  Bummer.
Tori, Tristan, and Ian...
Yes, even Chase made it outside.  He was none too happy about it.  I think he made it for a total of maybe 15 minutes.  He wouldn't even put his feet down on the sand.  
Messing around at Grandma's place.   Perhaps this is why Bryan wasn't feeling well later on...?
We all made it to the top of the lighthouse...this was Chase's first time!
Enjoying the view.  Chase was not impressed with this side, apparently.
We all got stickers that said "I climbed 114 steps!"  Chase climbed them vicariously through Bryan.
This is really blurry, but I love Chase's face.  He plays this game with Bryan whenever he rides on his shoulders- he leans over and turns Bryan's head around to look at him and laughs at him.  Funny :)
There was a cool playground by the harbor that the kids had a blast on.  Tristan and Ian were so cute together...
Chase found stairs on the playground.  No need to explore anything else.
This is Chase crawling away, then stopping to wave goodbye to me :)  
Half a Chase.  But I love his expression here.
Tori mothered Chase all weekend.  He was not happy about having to sit at the lunch table...the more mobile he becomes, the less he tolerates sitting still...
The Maddex men (well, 1/2 of them)- Todd, Bryan, Chase, and Grandpa Doug- eating at our favorite island spot- The Salty Dog.

Thanks Great Grandma, for providing such a great vacation spot for all of us!  We love seeing you :)

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