Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walking...? Maybe...?

So, honestly, I've been getting really frustrated with this whole walking deal.  Chase is almost 2, and will stand and climb and walk holding our hands.  He'll walk behind push toys.  However, he will do all of these things WHEN HE WANTS TO.  

I can't push or bribe or suggest or try to trick him into practicing his steps.  I've decided that he is just stobborn.  Stubborn like his big brother who decided it was easier to crawl until he was almost 15 months old.

So what do I do with this?  Do I just let him continue on with his own little timeline, or do I try another tactic?  I want him to walk.  I know that's my agenda (hello!  there is a reason why most moms aren't carrying around a 2 year old...it's called back pain...), but I'm also thinking about him...about how he could play and keep up with the other kids so much easier if he was on two feet.  

So Chase's PT brought in a pony walker for him.  I was all excited if not a little weirded out because it's kind of a scary looking contraption.  Maybe this is the answer to giving him a little more confidence on his feet.  

Guess who doesn't like being in the pony walker?  Guess who would prefer to not be confined in it?


BUT.  This weekend, Chase took maybe 5 steps between Bryan and I several times!!  On his own!  And then he did it again with his Play Therapist (Hi Carol!) on Monday!!  So maybe.  Just maybe...this is the beginning?  And maybe by the time he's wearing shorts this spring, he won't be raking his knees on the ground for a second year in a row...?


Jen said...

Maybe the pony walker scared him straight!

Evan wouldn't walk, and wouldn't walk, and wouldn't walk, and then, one day, he took 6 steps, and within a few weeks he was walking everywhere, and gave up crawling completely. He was 20 months old. Sounds like Chase might be headed the same direction...he'll get there! Hopefully BEFORE you're having to carry #3 around. On the outside of your body, I mean. :)

Chris said...

Yeah that back pain is a real motivator for us moms; too bad the little guys could care less.

It sounds like Chase is on his way though!