Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Dead, Just Busy!

So, the stomach bug was fun.  Only Ian and I caught it, so Bryan and Chase are safe...for now.

I recovered in time for Ian's birthday party on Saturday, and had everything ready to go thanks to Angelle who made the cupcakes for me while I was hanging over the toilet on Friday :)

This was the first birthday party that Ian has had his own friends, not just our friends who have kids.  We invited the whole preschool class plus the neighborhood gang, and I prayed that everyone wouldn't be able to make it.  Luckily, only half the preschool class made it, so we only had 14 kids running wild through the house.

Bryan took all the pictures on burst mode, so there are more than a thousand (literally) to upload or download or whatever the appropriate terminology is.  I will get to that tonight maybe.   
We did church Saturday evening, which was a worship evening just for the volunteers and small group members to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Elevation.  It was pretty rowdy and lots of fun :)  Then we did regular church on Sunday morning, where they played a video highlighting year 3 of Elevation...and there was our family!!!  Our family photo that was taken at Chase's dedication made it into the montage, so that was cool.  We are famous.

Sunday afternoon was filled with coupons and shopping and some playing outside and then a cookout with the Gallers family.  I seriously need to get some better coupon organizing going on here, because I am starting to dread Sundays for that reason.  

Oh.  And while I was crazy coupon shopping, a random lady stopped me to say, "You are just so cute pregnant!"  And I said, "Oh, thanks!  But I still have like 19 weeks left!"  And she said, "Ohhhh,"  and looked at me kind of sadly.

Ok.  That is all my randomness for the day.   Off to get the kids up from nap.


mom said...

....And then Gaga got it....!


Christina said...

You should get a credit soon from me because I put you as my referece for Grocery Game and they just deducted the money.

I haven't been clipping the coupons. I put the whole stack in a file folder by date so I can easily find the section and date they mention in all of the coupons.

Mandi said...

We clipped coupons for the first time and we saved about $38 bucks :) Woot!

I bet that woman was glad you actually WERE pregs! But if you're going call someone fat, telling them they look cute while being it is probably the best way to go! :)

PS You really do look cute pregs btw. :)