Tuesday, February 12, 2008


After Ian's nighttime peepee escapades, and with my self-diagnosed flu...I was in no form to do much of anything today. So here's what we did:

1- Bathed Ian before going to school (hello? who wants to have the smelly kid??)
2- Came home, caught a cup of tea while Chase napped, vegged in front of Iron Chef America.
3- Play therapy canceled- woo-hoo! Another hour to myself! Washed all the peepee laundry (BlueDog had a MAJOR bath.)
4- Treadmill with Chase
5- Picked up Ian. Decided that instead of coming home for an hour and most definitely being late to Ian's 3 yr Dr appt, we would just get lunch on the way and drive around hoping that the boys would fall asleep. Ian does not want to sleep. I gently suggest it. He refuses. I bribe him. Nothing. I tell him that Blue Dog is very tired since he was up all night, too. No dice.

6- Chase falls asleep, Ian and I eat Sonic in the car.
7- Stop at Harris Teeter. Buy all non-perishable groceries that we need. Ian needs to poopy in the potty there. Juggle both children in the bathroom. Ian sprays all over his pants because he's not pointed down while he's sitting and 'trying'. I clean him up with a baby wipe the best I can. It's raining outside now.
8- Make it to the Dr in record time...1/2 hour early.
9- Ian gets a check-up, Chase gets a sick visit (nurse's suggestion because he sounds "croupy" (he does not, it's just a cold. But fine. I'm not going to be reported to DCF for neglect.)
10- Ian is great. Chase has an ear infection. Oops. She said it's still early, though. He hasn't had it long. *sigh of relief*
11- Go to Target for Chase's prescription. Decide to nurse him in the car before we go in. Ian is drinking his apple juice from Sonic in his car seat. Then he's playing with the straw. And then he's crying because he's poked a hole in the bottom of the styrofoam cup and apple juice slush has poured out of it and is now pooled in his lap and the bottom of the seat. Nice.
12- I change Ian's pants (though his shoes are still squishy)- yay for extra clothes in the car! Oh yeah, it's still raining.
13- Drop off prescription and shop around while waiting. As soon as the cart is relatively full and we are at the farthest point away from the bathrooms, Ian needs to go potty again. Oh, and he needs to try to poo again. Of course.
14- I disobey the sign on the bathroom that reads, "No unpaid merchandise beyond this point." I drive the entire cart into the bathroom so that Chase can sit in it and I can help Ian. No poop. No spray this time either, though. Small victories.
15- Chase is crying now...tired...hungry...ear infection. People are staring.
16- Make it home. Chase is asleep.
17- Make dinner. Ian eats.
18- Chase wakes up crying (I've never seen him so cranky! It's like the ear diagnosis has made the actual infection a hundred times worse than it was.)
18- Tiffany brings Porter over.
19- I give Chase his antibiotics--- he is NOT a fan. He throws up 1/2 of the dose. Do I give him more???
20- General playing. Brandon picks up Porter. Bryan makes it home...I've never been so happy.
21- Collapse on couch after putting Chase to bed and getting Ian's bed made up again. Please Lord let everyone sleep through the night.

So, in other words, we just took it easy.


Angelle said...

You should have called me, I could have kept Porter and take care of dinner. Let me know if you need anything tomorrow...

Rhiannon said...

You should go to sleep!

Tiffanyrose said...

I am so sorry! I had no idea or I would have called Angelle to watch Porter. I will make sure and call in the future. If you need anything at all let me know! I hope yuo feel better.

Jen said...

Wow. Sounds exhausting.

You don't give another dose...our pedi told me that those antibiotics are made with enough medicine that if some of it doesn't make it where it's supposed to, you've still given enough. (I guess that means if your kid takes all of it without throwing up, you're overdosing him.)

LeShayne said...

Sorry to hear you had such a rough day. The whole potty trained thing is a catch 22 early on - I was so thankful to be done with diapers but I was way less thankful the private tour of each and every public restroom we came within 100 feet of! Hoping today was a better day for you and that you feel well rested.

Mindy said...

Oy! However, I must say.....It is wonderful to hear that I'm not the only one who has days like that. You aren't alone ; )

Tom said...

Man, I am totally exhausted just reading about it. I wonder if I burned any calories?

Watch a movie. Get some sleep. Do it all over again.

Pat said...

...and I was so jealous of the Moms who were able to stay home when their kids were little! It is much easier to go to work! (And all the body waste I worked with came in little cups.)