Thursday, February 14, 2008

Then and Now

Kacey tagged me forever ago for this Then & Now meme. I kind of went overboard, but it was fun going back in time this evening...

Ian (6 days old)
Ian (9 mos old)
Ian (16 mos)
Ian (2yrs)
Ian today(3 yrs)

Chase (36 weeks in utero)
Chase (3 days old)
Chase (2 1/2 mos)
Chase (6 mos)
Chase today (9 mos)


Kacey Bode said...

YAY!!! That was a fun one! Ian looks like he hasn't changed at all, just gotten taller!! And Chase, well he has gotten bigger all around : ) Gotta love the chunky babies!!!!

Angelle said...

I love the one of tiny Chase sitting in the Bumbo.