Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ian's School Birthday

Or, as he told his teacher, "Today is my pretend birthday, but my real birthday is February ten." And whenever anyone asked him how old he was now, he told them 2. Because, duh! He doesn't turn three until Sunday!

Here are some pics from school. He is so cute there. He holds hands with his BFF Ava (who is adorable, and they have my full blessings!). He sits at the head of the table for snack, Leah on his right, and Ava on his left. What a little player! Miss Linda told me that on Leah's first day, she got MAD that Ian and Ava were playing so much together, and they had to have a talk about how you can have more than one friend. (Did you hear about that, Angelle??)

He tells Leah and Ava that he will be THREE:
Chase likes it at the Big Boy School!
Enjoying a birthday Rice Krispy treat that he helped me make yesterday (and wearing the WAY COOL birthday crown that Miss Julie made for him):
Miss Sharon let him put three candles on the felt birthday cake during circle time:
Ian and Ava:

It was fun to be in the classroom with him today. I liked being able to see what actually goes on there since I get so little information from him. And guess what? Remember how he was friends with Jack, the big kid?? There is no Jack. Huh.


Cate said...

So, looks like preschool really isn't working out, huh? Bummer.

Happy Birthday Ian!

Angelle said...

Maybe Jack is the guy from your living room.

Chris said...

He and Ava make a very cute couple! Happy Birthday Ian!