Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 for 21, What I Know About

I feel like I can't adequately comment on life with 4 boys right now, because we're still in that weird getting-back-to-real-life stage.

What I can tell you is this:

1- Zeke is adjusting remarkably well.  Like so well that I am getting paranoid about when the complete meltdown is coming.

2- Bryan and I met the kids' teachers at school for the first time today.

3- I tried to drop Guy off for his morning preschool today.  He was all about going to school until we got there and he realized that I wasn't staying with him.  So I caved and brought him back home.  Bryan laughed at me for this.

4- I got my hair did.  Finally.  Next time I leave the country for 2 months, I'm bringing my hairdresser with me (thanks, Mandi!!)

5- Chase is so much daintier than Zeke!

6- Gaining 7 hours crossing time zones is a LOT easier to deal  with than losing 7 hours.  Jet lag has been minimal- most excellent, because we don't have time for naps here!

7- I'm gonna need a full day by myself in the house to reorganize everything here.

8- Chase was sad that it was time to eat dinner this evening, so he defiantly ate a flower petal from one of the beautiful arrangements that friends left at the house for us.  So there!

9- Has anyone seen Chase's glasses?  We are MIA for one, and the second fell apart today while he was on the trampoline.  Do I really need to have a back up for the back up pair?? How about I just get a back up to the back up to the back up just in case.  How early is too early for lasic?

10- Last year must have been a hard year for pants.  Almost every pair of 4T jeans that I got out of storage today has a giant rip in the knee.

11- Guy is so freaking funny.  I told him to come sit on the bed for stories, and he yells down the hall, "No way!!"  in the sweetest little voice ever, then comes happy feet dancing down the hallway with Llama Llama Misses Mama and his pillow.

12- Ian is the coolest big brother ever.  I'm totally not saying that because I have to.  Love that kid.  He has been so gentle and so understanding to ALL his brothers.  I'm so proud of his compassion.

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