Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 for 21, Two Options

Ok, I'm kind of copping out on today's post. My excuse is that Bryan and I are sharing a laptop right now, and he gets really grumpy when he's away from it for too long (although I feel compelled to note that I have been on it for the last almost-two-hours, so he is entitled to it). So, I'm leaving you with two choices (think of it like those Choose Your Own Adventure books you read in middle school):

1.Read about our day in Kiev today.


2.Read about how the Fabulous Tiffany Larsen took my three boys to the Charlotte Buddy Walk yesterday and totally represented the Madd House, even though we couldn't make it.

If you choose option 2, please pay special attention to the picture of Gavin picking his nose.

If you choose option 1, please note that the boxer shorts on the floor are indeed, clean.

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