Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 for 21, General

General goings-on:
  • Working and being a mom is HARD.  Especially when you're a teacher and don't clock out and leave everything behind at your job.  The last time I worked, I had one very tiny kid, and even that was only for a month before I gave up.  I'm trying really really really hard to find a balance.  So far I've tried staying up late and getting up early.  I'm very very tired.  
  • Zeke has been sick this week, and on a ton of meds.  Some for his poop cooties (thank you, Ukrainian orphanage) and some for an ear infection and croup.  The poop cootie meds are especially disgusting, and I think that they are not only causing him to completely clean out his whole system, but also make his throat sore.  Last day for meds is on Saturday, so that will be a real treat to not have to make him hate us 3x a day.
  • Chase is so freaking cute.  AND I know where both pairs of his glasses are.
  • Speaking of glasses, I have to order some for Zeke.  I'm thinking about going with Zenni, but am not sure about using them for his first pair because of fitting and such.  Although, they have this pair that I am completely in love with.
  • Gavin is doing really well in his preschool.  His favorite part of the day is when he gets to wash his hands in the little sink.  He tells me about it every day.  It's our think.  "Guy- what did you do at school today?"  "I washa my hands inda sink." (I don't know where he picked up his Old World Italian accent.)
  • Ian reads everything everywhere now.  I love it.  I especially love that he'll help read stories to the littles  at night.  He's so fun right now.  My favorite time with him is staying up past his bedtime doing Highlights together, or playing games...or shopping.  One on one time with him is awesome.
  • Not that one on one time with any other kid isn't just as just honestly doesn't happen so much with anyone else.  I think about ways to change that, but cannot begin to do anything but survival right now.  I dream of someday doing a "date night" once a week with a different kid each week.  
  • How is it almost 10pm again??!?  Frack. 

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mom said...

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Need a date night? Even if it is not with Bryan!