Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 for 21, Glamorous Again

I'm reveling in my motherhood moments again.  Well, maybe not reveling.  Not really basking, either.  I mean, I'm happy I'm here, and everything.  I really am.  And I'd rather be here doing this stuff than in Ukraine away from everyone not doing this stuff.

All I'm saying is that I deserve an award of some epic motherhood proportions for today.

Ian came into our bed this morning at 3am with a bad dream, which means I spent the next 2.5 hours sleeping on a five inch strip of mattress.

Normal whirlwind of before-school preparations.

To the pediatrician's for Zeke's big once-over appointment...that lasted nearly 3 hours, and consisted of things like holding him down for vaccines and 3 attempts to draw blood, 3 trips to the bathroom to 'pee-pee in a cup', and leaving the office with a "Stool Sample Collection Kit."

When we got home I used said kit...and there is now a 'sample' in my refrigerator.  They don't tell you these things in Parenting 101.


Then I picked up the kids from school (minus Gavin, because Gaga was here to be his servant caretaker today while we were running around) and took them on a field trip to the endocrinologist, where I had to hold Chase down for his bloodwork...where he decided that none of us were his friends any more, and he refused to walk out of the office.  Actually, he went boneless...which any parent will tell you adds 150% more body weight to a child.

Dinner=easy because a Meal Fairy left a casserole in my freezer.  Thank you for the kindness of others!  It is appreciated!

Bedtime- a breeze because of my fab husband.

But here's the grand finale:  digging through 3 days worth of kitchen trash because tomorrow is trash day and I have a fear that Chase's good glasses are somewhere in one of those bags.  Saving grace:  there were latex gloves included in the "Stool Sample Collection Kit" that I used so I didn't actually have to touch anything gross in the garbage.

It's good to be home.  Real life, people.

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