Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 for 21, Halloween Preview

Went to our first Trunk-or-Treat (at Elevation) ever tonight.  The kids did really really well, even though it was pretty crowded.
...a "kick" line...HA!
 Our family + a random church member wearing a soccer ball mask :)
 Zeke was losing steam about halfway through- so he got a ride :)
 I love his smile.
 Guy was so excited to say Trick or Treat...and the costumes and the crazy trunks didn't phase him a bit.  In fact, one car had a giant spider on top of it, and we had to go visit it twice for him.
 The goods!
 I didn't have to call any fouls.
 Thank you, 4 years of playing soccer for the costumes this year :)
 Tired boys ready for bed.  Oh, and candy.  Ready for candy and bed.  

Everyone decorated their trunks with different themes- there was a Dr. Suess one with Thing One and Thing Two, a couple pirate ones, a CSI SUV, a hippie van, and like 60 others.  One of our babysitters did his up as a giant mouth with big teeth and dry ice breath coming out :) So fun!

Kinda strange note:  Someone had 2 firepits going, and for some reason that freaked Zeke out.  He kept pointing to the smoke and whimpering.  Weird.

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