Monday, October 31, 2011

31 for 21, Acceptance

This post is for the mother of a child with Down syndrome...maybe you just got your child's diagnosis.  Maybe you got it a while ago and are just now ready to search the internet for more information.  

I just want you to know that I felt like you do once.

Like a billion years ago (or was that just 4?) I thought life would never be the same.  And I was right.  It hasn't been the same.

But who wants life to stay the same?  Staying the same means you're not growing.  Life isn't about never changing.  Right after Chase was born, if someone had told me that, I would have said, "!*&**! you and your  growing- I like the same, the usual, the boring.

I just didn't know how good different could be.

I searched the internet to find moms with blogs about life with Down syndrome.  How different is it?  What can I expect?  What am I in for?

So, if you are searching, and you find this:  It's okay.  It's gonna be ok.  It's gonna be great, in fact.  You'll see.

Happy 31 for 21 :)

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