Monday, October 3, 2011

31 for 21, a Chase story

Excellent indirect Chase story:

When Chase was little, one of my fears was that he might not have friends, or that other people, even adults, might be uncomfortable around him, might be afraid of Down syndrome.

I don't have that doubt so much anymore.  He has friends all over the place now, he's a little rock star.  But you know, you always have, is this an act?  Is there something there that is superficial, like he's getting special attention now because he has Down syndrome? 

I guess it's a classic example of "yeah, but do they really like me" doubts, with a T21 twist.

But a couple weeks ago, I got a message from a college student who works with Chase's age group with the children's program at church.  G told that he was leaving to start another campus, and "Chase is like my favorite little kid" and he will miss him.

How sweet is that?  To have this guy (who we talk to frequently in person) go out of his way to tell us that Chase is cool?  And how reassuring that even when no one is looking, even when it doesn't count, even when it doesn't really matter...he sees Chase as a little kid.  Not a little kid that they are nice to because he has Down syndrome...but a favorite because he's Chase, no matter what the chromosome count.

There are going to be people who judge my kids for what they look like, or what they can't do...but there are SO many more out there who will look at Chase (and Zeke!) and love them completely for who they are...and that, friends, is awesome.

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