Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kicking off November with a gratitude post.  I am thankful for:

*This cold rainy weather that made the color come out on the trees and is perfect for making and eating big pots of soup with fresh baked bread.

*Speaking of bread, I baked a perfect loaf of my grandma's white bread yesterday.

*Slacker radio.

*The decision to put my family on JuicePlus+.  My kids haven't been sick since August.

*The pure JOY that Gavin radiates throughout the day.  It's like his big curls collect and give off happiness.

*The way that Chase wakes up in the morning with a smile, a "Mommeeeeee!", and a sleepy, drapey hug for me.

*Watching Ian grow up and become his own little person.  He has so many opinions, and does so many cool things.  This morning he came downstairs to show me "this cool thing I built with Legos, Mom!"

*When Bryan makes it home in time to be at football practice with the boys and I.   Love being able to tag team the littles on the playground and also to have time to see Ian play, and to have time together to enjoy the kids.

*Chase correctly put all the puzzle pieces in one of his wooden farm animal puzzles- by himself.  This is huge, both from a developmental POV and a fine motor POV.

*The ability to stay home with my kids...and the opportunity to have an income while I do it.

*Jack's Big Music Show

And here is a random picture of Guy pushing a giant ball through the tunnel :)
Happy November, everyone!

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Cate said...

what an awesome list. I need to work on my gratitude.

(amazing how much better those practices are with another grownup, huh? I'm still recovering from soccer.)