Sunday, November 14, 2010

Conversations with Chase

Typical conversation with Chase:

C:  Mommy?  Milk?
M:  Hi Chase.  You already had milk.  No more milk now.
C:  Cheese?
M:  You want cheese?
C:  (big smile)  Okay.  heads to refrigerator

He does this all the time.  He will try so hard to use his words, and he is getting pretty good at it.  I can understand most of the time what he is asking for, but I usually say it back to him to confirm...and every time I get it right, he smiles and says, "Okay."  Like, great idea, Mom!  I would like some cheese!

Another one happened yesterday at the lot with my parents.  He was sitting on top of a giant pile of rocks, and kept saying, "mumbly-mumbly-mumble mumble oooh rocks?"  And I said, "You want to throw rocks?"  and he got that huge smile and said, (you guessed it) "Okay!"

More things he is doing, speech-wise:
*possessives- as in "Guy Guy milk?"  "Chasey milk."
*when he gets excited about something, he says, "oh!!! oh!!  ______ fill in the noun", as in "oh! oh!  Cookie!"
*consoling- when anyone is upset, especially Gavin, he will pat them on the back and say, "It's okay, Guy."
*singing- he doesn't get all the words, but he definitely is starting to try to sing along with the radio, the tv, and finger play songs...mostly he gets the ends of phrases.  I even see him anticipating the words/sounds, so now he is almost on target instead of 3 beats behind. He is also doing the hand movements and dance moves that he sees- too awesome.

Oh, and a side note to all of this:  He just came up to me, asked to sit on my lap ("Eck-You?"  which means "Carry you?" in Chase-speak) and hung out with me as I typed.  After he left, I discovered a chunk of already chewed cheese on my chair.  He is so lucky he is cute, because that is simply gross.

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