Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning Moments

This morning the littles slept in, and of course, instead of sleeping in myself, I am up at 6:30 because, well, I don't know.  Just because.

I spent some time reading and drinking coffee in the quiet of the resting house, which was heaven.  I think that is my most favorite way to wake up...slowly- not hitting the ground running, which is usually the way it happens.

Ian came and joined me next.  I so love that kid.  He was in the greatest mood ever.  The rest of this post is going to be filled with Ianisms.

He was wearing shorts, short sleeves, and no socks (it is like 60 in the house).  I suggested he put some slippers on, and he exclaimed, "Thanks for reminding me, Mom!"

I made him some hot chocolate and stuck some marshmallows on top.  When I set it down in front of him, he looked at it with eyebrows up and said, "Mmmm!  Extra marshmallows!  Thank you, Mom!"  And then he went to take a sip, but first he used a spoon to scootch the marshmallows to the side, telling them sternly, "Go over there, you little marshmallows.  I am saving you for last!"

He decided he was going to take time this morning to draw his friend Andey a picture.  So he sat at the little table and set up his little work station, and I moved my comfy chair over to hang with him.  He drank his hot chocolate, colored and asked me how to spell things.  I drank my coffee and watched.  He told me all about how he does NOT draw stick people any more, and next week at school he is going to start drawing his people with necks.  He told me how before he uses his Root Beer scented Smencil, he always smells it once, like this, "sssssnnnnnniiiiiifffffff."  He asked me what color I thought the sleeves of Andey's shirt should be.

When he was done, he slurped the rest of his hot chocolate, put his mug in the sink, and told me about how he just wanted to give me the biggest hug EVER but he knows that he can't give really hard hugs to me because he doesn't want to hurt me...but that he would still give me a big hug right after he wipes the chocolate 'stash from his face.

And later, after he delivered his drawing to Andey, he and the Larsen crew decided to play outside together.  He came in briefly because he was "soooo freezing out there" and needed some gloves.  I tried to convince him to put on, perhaps, a sweatshirt and long pants, but he declined and settled on this little ensemble:
And then the little guys woke up, and I had to document the really awesome way that Chase and Guy like to sit at their little table for their meals now.
This happened to be when Chase was singing along to the Mail Song on Blue's Clues that was on in the background.  I accidentally cut off his jazz hand up there.  Another bit of cuteness that I did not capture was after this, when I gave Guy a bowl of grapes, and they sat there, across the table from each other, Guy doling out the grapes one at a time (or as Ian would say, One At-EEE Time) and Chase telling him "thank you" and "you're welcome" after each one.  Adorable, I say.

I love moments like these.  How lucky am I to have this experience?


Angelle said...

That was a precious recap of your morning with Ian. How awesome is it that they are turning into real people??

Todd Maddex said... funny. I never read blogs but I'm glad I read this...even though to be honest I was looking out myself and any possible drag pics I heard of. We used to have that table and a matching adult-sized one too! How funny!

Hope you guys are doing well...


Mandi said...

This is so great. Thanks for a little glimpse in to your wonderful morning. I love it.