Monday, November 15, 2010

The Lot

We spent a gorgeous day out at The Lot on Saturday, where someday, someday soon, my parents will build a beautiful log home, with a loft and a porch, a basement, and a big fireplace to gather around.

For now, we have a tarp, a plastic table and chairs, a fire pit, and a giant swing :)

There is still plenty to do, as they have been clearing the land on their own, and there are bugs and snakes, plants and dirt, a creek, and big rock piles to explore.  The kids LOVE it out there, and really, Bryan and I do, too.  It is a shame that we don't get out there more often.  I guess, now that Guy is walking, it is a little easier to be out there all together, and we need to make a better effort into making time to go.

Here's a video of Ian on the swing-  I rode it's pretty awesome.

No pictures, please.
 Guy loved 'flying'.
 Papa made the most perfect marshmallow fire.
 Proof that I was there.
 Guy is mad because I won't let him hold his own roasted marshmallow.  It's ok...Gaga gave him one later that he smeared and squished all over himself.
 Ian and Gaga and his Giant Root.
Chasey wanted to "oooh rocks?"  (throw rocks)
 Gavin wanted to eat rocks.
Men, men, men, men.
 Look at that sky! The camera couldn't capture the fall colors well enough, but they were beautiful.  Gavin and I took some time to lay on the blanket.  Ok, I tried to lay on it, he spent most of his time crawling over me and bouncing on my stomach.
 Love this photo.
 This one, too.  I so rarely capture Chase's eyes.
 Action shot:  Chase throws a handful of dirt on Guy's head.
 No worries.  Gavin likes dirt on his head.  Also in his belly button, which he put there himself.  Seriously.  Boys!
I love this one of Ian.  He is just so big and independent. 
Awesome way to spend a Saturday :)

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