Friday, November 12, 2010

Things I Found in the Boxes on the Top Shelf in the Garage

I did some cleaning/reorganizing/purging yesterday in the garage.  Those things should be illegal- garages, I mean.  Or basements, for that matter.  You should not be ALLOWED to store THAT much crap for THAT long.

I really went in to find a long lost Geoboard from my elementary teaching days because Ian told me about how he used one at school and loved it so much...but, alas, I found no Geoboards in my many many boxes.  I did, however, find many interesting things:

*Bryan's Pepsi License to Chill
*An 8th grade class photo
*The book my 4th graders wrote giving tips to my next class (one page is titled How to Suck Up to Your Teacher)
*My prize box from my classroom, complete with 5 year old LifeSavers
*My copy of The Witches, which I used countless times in my class, and I started reading to Ian this morning over breakfast...he loves it so far, but was very concerned that Witches are really REALLY real
*Halloween items that I bought on sale LAST year for use THIS year
*Seven sprinklers
*a box full of baby bottles and sippy cups that were non-BPA free (guess I probably can't sell those now, huh?)
*2 poorly made coffee mugs from my pottery class 6 years ago (8years?  Idk)
*ten thousand glass jars we are saving for honey season (Bryan has very high hopes for a good flow!)
*2 full boxes of wire, various lengths, widths, and purposes
*the case for possibly the world's first portable computer
*the prototype of the 21st century car from the 1991 GM World of Motion brochure from Epcot Center

*Photos of Bryan and his brother Todd in what I can only assume to be Halloween costumes (I hope) when they were about 8

(Todd looks natural in those heels, doesn't he?  Honestly, I don't think I could pull off that look better than that  Bryan, however, looks butch at best.  Sorry, honey.)

Fun stuff.  Also good to free up a couple of shelves in there for more junk that I need space for...*sigh*


Angelle said...

I was going to say the same thing about them. Todd actually looks good but Bryan just looks pissed. I'm guessing this was Todd's idea.

Carydip said...

LOL!! Yes, it was Halloween. They are wearing Mommy's bras (stuffed) and Mommy's dresses!! Thanks for the memeories :) ~Mom