Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Ds presentation follow up

I met one of the parents of Ian's classmates yesterday at the dance.  She started talking to me about our Ds presentation, and said that her son came home so excited to tell her about what he had learned...and even showed her the activities that I did with the kids.  She said that Mitch never has more than 2 words to say about his day, so this was truly incredible.  ALSO he was in the preschool class last year as a peer pal, and was friends with another little boy who had Ds..and it wasn't until now that anything clicked, or there was ever any understanding about Down syndrome.

It was pretty awesome, hearing actual feedback from a parent and knowing that our message made it out of the classroom and home with the kids.  Because not only did I want to reach the kids to give them some understanding in the hopes that it will lead to acceptance, but there is a whole generation of parents out there that has a really outdated understanding of Ds that needs to be addressed and changed.  

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