Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My first mistake...

Was saying out loud that none of my kids has been sick for 3 months.

And then Chase came down with a funky cough.  Which manifested late Sunday night as croup.

Which turned into a very scary episode of "My Boy Can't Breathe".

I tried the hot steamy shower, then realized that it was bad enough that it wasn't helping or we didn't have time for it to work.  Poor Chase was struggling to breathe, and he was freaked out enough that it was making it worse with the crying and the carrying on.

My trusty next-door Tiffany had a spare breathing treatment, and we tried to give him that, but the machine scared him, and again, the crying was making it worse.  Bryan whisked him to the ER from there.

He got the special treatment- taken back ASAP, and I got updates from my other neighbor who happened to be working there that night.  They treated him with steroids and Motrin, a nurse gave him a special puppy (and told Bryan about how she volunteers at the camp for children with Ds here in Charlotte every year), and he was fixed up and sent home by 1am-ish.

Dude.  It is scary when your kid is gasping for air.  I mean, I knew in my heart that the drugs work, that we were close to the hospital, and he wasn't so bad that he was turning blue...but heavens, who needs that looking them in the face?

Thanks to everyone who said prayers or sent thoughts...we appreciated it very very much.

And the lesson here:  Never brag on how healthy your kids are.  Ever.  Nothing good can come of it.

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Angelle said...

That is so scary, but I am glad that the ER experience was positive. Hope that's the last one!!