Sunday, November 21, 2010

Different Christmas Shopping

I love love love shopping online (have YOU tried shopping in real life with 3 boys 5 and under?!?) and I'm branching out from my usual tactic. This year I've spent a lot of time thinking about how truly lucky we are to have everything that we have.   

I'd like to get gifts that are cool, but also have some sort of impact on charities.  I know it is little stuff, but it's also pretty incredible to find unique gifts for good causes.  I bought some cool jewelry for my nieces and nephews on Fair Trade Gifts (and ok, I may have bought these for myself, too).

I am also going to get some Rock On shirts from Andrew Banar (who happens to have Ds) with Group Hug Apparel, who divides his profits amongst saving for his college tuition and donating to local charities.

And don't forget about Always Happy Life, who chooses a different charity to donate to each month.  They carry fun t-shirts, onesies, bibs, and other apparel.  

I'll keep adding worthy stores as I come across them.  Anyone else have more suggestions?


LeShayne said...

I really like these two:

Fair Indidigo at:

Ten Thousand Villages at:

I also like the LOVE shirts/hoodies at the TWLOHA store...they are cute and girlie...still sponsor a great cause:

Laurie said...

I KNEW you'd have some to share, LeShayne! Thanks!