Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a really really nice Thanksgiving this year.  My mom made the pies, the gravy, and the stuffing.  I did the sweet potatoes, mashed taters, pumpkin dinner rolls, turkey, cranberries, and green beans.  For the first time ever, everything was ready at the same time.  Believe it.  We even had time for some outdoor activities:

Overheard from Papa, "Oh, no.  Mom's on the trampoline..."

Bryan carved the bird...which I did a dry brine on, and it turned out really yum (BONUS- no gross turkey-water filled cooler to clean afterwards.)
 The table and the guests (Guy, Uncle Scott, Gaga, Ian)
 Ian again, Papa with his eyes closed, Chase (who is really excited to eat his 4 bites of dinner).
 Look!  We even got to sit next to each other!
 Bryan made me take this picture to document that I am a bad vegetarian and tried some of the turkey.  Okay, okay!  I had like 2 bites!  I am allowed to sample it, because I spent 3 days cooking the dang thing!
 Scott has always been photogenic.
 This is a picture of a very full, very satisfied boy after he inhaled Gaga's pumpkin pie AND apple pie.
 Chase tried the pies, but mostly ate whipped cream.
 Guy is signing for more whipped cream, too.  That was a big hit.
Full bellies here:
 ...and here:

These are from Friday- round 2 of eating and gathering:
 Terrible photo, but Chase was playing a game with Scott on the couch that had something to do with falling off the edge in fits of giggles that was too cute not to try and capture.
*sidenote:  I am sure Scott will want me to add that that is Rachel's laptop covered in girly stickers, not his.
 Gaga and Papa brought a 500 piece puzzle to keep everyone occupied:
 Puzzlemania lasted well into the night...and, yes, we finished it.  

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  Hope everyone had as much to be thankful for as we did :)


Angelle said...

Loved your pics of Thanksgiving. Miss you guys!

mom said...

BTW, I found one of the missing edge pieces under my coffee table!