Friday, November 5, 2010

eReading Pro Update

Remember I got this program at the NDSS convention this summer?  Well, I finally got around to starting it this past week with Chase, and shoot!  I didn't think I would have an update this quickly!

We do the flashcards 3x/day (most days- I repeated a couple just because I didn't remember to fit it in)...and today, Day 6...

Chase read the word CHEESE.


Now, I know that the entire program is based on whole word recognition; that Chase is not learning to read like you and I learned, by first recognizing individual letters and sounds and then combining them to form actual words.  But that is the beauty of it!  He (and the majority of kids with Ds) is a GREAT visual learner.  He sees the words as pictures and is learning to recognize what they mean.  Phonics will come later...but for now, Chase is learning to read.



Angelle said...

That is truly amazing. Congrats, Chase!!

Michelle Z said...

That's great!

What did you buy -- the set? I've been looking at something for the girls, but have no idea what I'm looking for.

Mandi said...

that's awesome! Go Chase!!

Barry and I got Alexsa the Your Baby Can Read set (on craigslist -woohoo!). Is this program like that?

Laurie said...

@Mandi- I have heard it is similar, but I really don't know anything about Your Baby Can Read...sorry!